The team is spot on. They are always very pleasant and deliver fantastic personal and professional service. Going to the dentist should always be like this

Craig, East Kilbride

David Cashel, from the patient’s perspective, is an excellent dentist – he brings to his work a care and detailed attention which is, quite simply of a different order to any other dentist I have experienced.

I am delighted with what David has done. My smile is just what I wanted and what David set out to achieve for me. He is a perfectionist and that’s what I have – the perfect smile!

Dr Cashel is wonderful. He makes you feel at ease. He is totally professional and takes great care with everything. He was keen that I was happy with the results. The team who assist him is also first class. They are welcoming and friendly – a real asset to Dr Cashel.

Laura, Edinburgh

Now I get sedation dentistry with Dr Cashel I feel much happier. It is very, very easy and less stressful than anything I have had in the past. I had the gas and the magic wand and I felt great after it and had no ill effects what so ever. I would recommend it to anyone. As far as I am concerned he is second to none in the way he treats people.

I think David personally is a very nice man. He inspires confidence in you and makes people relax and be confident that there is not going to be any pain with whatever treatment they are having.


The team are so friendly I didn’t feel as if I was coming to the dentist, and I’d never liked going to the dentist before. Every time here I felt relaxed.

I love the results – I’m delighted. I would definitely recommend Cashel Daisley to friends and family.

I’m much more comfortable speaking to people. I always used to think that people were looking at my mouth and thinking that my teeth were squint so it has given me a lot more confidence.

Roz, Bearsden

I am absolutely ecstatic with the results. They are fantastic, really fantastic. People have actually said, my husband in particular,that I’m smiling so much more. I have already recommended Dr Cashel to family and friends. My new smile has changed my life.

Shelagh, Kilmarnock

The results are absolutely outstanding. I love my new smile! It is so much nicer than I ever imagined. The process was totally pain free and I loved the DVDs I watched while I was having my treatment.”

Lindsay, Kilwinning

I’m just so happy. When I had it done I realised I should have done it years ago. I’m thrilled to bits.
I’ve only had the veneers a week and a couple of people have noticed already. I just feel automatically better and more confident with my smile already.

I love the results, absolutely love them. Even in one week it has totally changed the way I feel and people have noticed. Even if they don’t know what’s different they know I’m more confident. My boyfriend has said my confidence has totally soared and that’s just one week after treatment. I just feel so much better about myself. I smile a lot more now.

Lisa, Glasgow

The results are excellent. I’ve already gained a lot more confidence. I’m a manager so I’m in meetings all the time and I do actually feel that I’m now out there in the front, not taking a back seat. I’ve had lots of lovely comments from family and friends and it has given me a whole new lease of life.

Kathleen, Glasgow

I am absolutely delighted I had the implants done. It’s the best decision I’ve made. My teeth look wonderful now. Everybody says how natural they look. I just keep smiling. And they function as well!

Ann, Airdrie

I am 100% glad that I had the implants done. I would say to anyone considering dental implants that you should definitely go ahead. If you need it, do it.

My teeth look great now. I’m enjoying eating again. Implant dentistry has changed my life. I’ve had a 100% improvement.

Ian, Glasgow

I am so glad I’ve had the implants done I can’t believe it. I’d say to anyone thinking about implants – go for it. I’ve already recommended Dr Cashel’s implant dentistry to other people.

My teeth are looking brilliant now, best ever. They feel so natural. There is a wee bit of getting used to it but you forget it is implants. I think it is because the screws are in your jaw they actually feel like real teeth. I’m fair chuffed. I’m more than happy. I’m enjoying eating again. It had been soup for a long time.

Implant dentistry has definitely changed my life for the better.”

Henry, Barrhead