Smile of the Week

I decided to change my smile because my teeth were originally done over the years on the NHS and they were horrible. I had veneers and crowns and nothing matched. They were all different colours and you could see the gum all black around it. It just looked awful. I’ve had four veneers at the bottom and a bridge and ten veneers at the top. I’m quite nervous with getting impressions but it was fine actually because they are very calm and I would do it again actually. It was well worth it. There was no pain. The results are fabulous, fantastic. I would absolutely recommend Cashel Daisley to family and friends.  My new smile has changed my life – I smile a lot more.  Honestly, I show them off all the time. I think David is absolutely fantastic. He is a perfectionist and I think Holly, Leigh and Amanda are very, very good. They explained everything to me and kept me calm. They were fabulous.