Smile of the Week

 When I came to see Dr Cashel my mouth was unattractive, I didn’t like to smile and I couldn’t eat properly. This affected my confidence and doing my job. I worked with the public and had to smile a lot. Since getting my dental treatment with Dr Cashel including dental implants my mouth feels cleaner and looks much better, and I am now happy to smile. The surgery was much easier than I though it would be. I would highly recommend Dr Cashel method implant dentistry. The dental implant teeth feel just like real teeth and are really good.   I am happy to smile and am no longer paranoid about covering my mouth. I am enjoying eating again, in fact a bit too much. It is night and day compared to eating with a denture. I now feel much more attractive and it is nice to get good positive comments about my smile. Fear prevented me having treatment in the past but after treatment with Dr Cashel I am no longer frightened to come to the dentist in fact I look forward to coming to the dentist and the hygienist to get my teeth cleaned.