Smile of the Week

Before I had implants my mouth was horrible. I didn’t like my teeth. I’ve never liked my teeth. I had really crooked teeth and I just can’t believe the difference now. My smile is so nice now. Before Dr Cashel and his team saw me I never had any problems with other dentists but I felt they weren’t sympathetic to my particular problems. As soon as I came here Dr Cashel knew exactly how I felt and obviously this is the work that he does. I just wish that I had found him thirty years ago. The implant surgery was painless to me and David talked me through everything so I knew exactly what was expected. I can’t say that I felt any pain. I am definitely glad that I had implants. I think my teeth look great. I’m really happy. Put it this way, I went to the office the other day and a girl who is actually getting an implant with another dentist came up to me and told me I had a Hollywood smile. I didn’t know I needed an implant until I came to get all the work. It is something I would have had to have done if I’d got my crowns renewed. It just so happened that in the middle of all this work Dr Cashel discovered that my root was cracked but it is something I would have done anyway even if I hadn’t been able to come here because I couldn’t have had a missing tooth. It was just horrendous having a plate.

I had three veneers and five crowns just to complete the Hollywood smile. The cosmetic treatment was pain free and worry free. I knew exactly what was happening each step of the way so I was really delighted with the treatment.

 Everybody made me very welcome. I’ve got to say you are all so friendly and welcoming it was a pleasure to come here. It feels like my second home!