Smile of the Week

 Before I saw Dr Cashel and his team, I had lost all confidence in dentistry. My mouth affected my confidence because there was a lot of work to be done and my breath was not good at times.   My experience at Cashel Daisley was great. I was so relaxed. The staff are very friendly and there is a relaxed atmosphere which has made me more confident. I have good memories of the implant surgery itself.   Now that I’ve had the implants I’m very pleased with my teeth. There is a massive difference from before. I am glad I have implants as didn’t like having a denture. My teeth look fabulous and I’d definitely recommend Dr Cashel implant dentistry to other people like me.   People notice a difference in my smile and I’m enjoying eating again, with no problems at all.   Dr Cashel implant dentistry has changed my life for the better.

Ian Sinclair, Kinross