Smile of the Week

I’d been unhappy with my smile for years although I’ve been at other dentists for years. I’ve had ongoing problems with abscesses, old fillings and I was very unhappy with the way I looked. When I came to Cashel Daisley, initially I had all the old black fillings removed and had them replaced with white ones. I had one tooth I kept getting an abscess with and I got that root treated. Then I went on and had my bite adjusted. I’ve had veneers and a crown too. The process was great. No problems at all and very painless, very comfortable. I love the result. There is a marked improvement. I feel a bit more confident in my outlook and in how I look. I’m not afraid to smile and I don’t cover my mouth as much now. The team were very friendly, open and welcoming. They totally understood how I was feeling and there were no problems. They were very professional. I would definitely recommend Cashel Daisley.