Smile of the Week

I’ve never really been happy with my smile. I wouldn’t open my mouth in photographs and things like that and it did affect my confidence so I thought it was time to change my smile. I had fillings changed to white fillings and eight veneers fitted. I also had whitening in the surgery and at home and hygiene visits too. I found the treatment really good. It has been so straightforward and everyone is so helpful and nice.  Everyone’s got stories about going to the dentist but this is nothing like that, it’s so relaxed and nothing’s too much bother. Everyone is so supportive.  I love the results, absolutely love them. Even in one week it has totally changed the way I feel and people have noticed. Even if they don’t know what’s different they know I’m more confident. My boyfriend has said my confidence has totally soared and that’s just one week after treatment. I just feel so much better about myself. I smile a lot more now. I was a smiley person but I wouldn’t smile showing my teeth and would just have a closed-mouth smile but now I want everyone to see my nice teeth because I’m so proud of them.

The work has been amazing and the team added to the whole experience. Everyone has been fantastic from phone calls to make sure I’m alright to everyone being so friendly and caring, and it feels real not false.

I’ve already recommended Cashel Daisley to friends and  family.