Smile of the Week

One of the most satisfying parts of treating patients with dental implants is knowing what a difference they make. I love food and would hate not to be able to enjoy eating fully. Again and again patients tell us that their enjoyment of food is resored with dental implants.

“Before I had implants I had difficulty in eating and I didn’t like having to remove the plate and keep putting it back in. I tended to leave it out when I was eating and worried in case I forgot to put it in when I went out! The plate did make things slightly difficult.

I’ve been with the same dentist for about thirty years who is very good but doesn’t do implants.

My teeth are much, much better now. There has been a huge improvement.

David made the implant surgery as painless as possible. I would certainly recommend him.

My teeth look good and I am enjoying eating again. I am very glad I had the implants done. I would say that David Cashel’s implant dentistry has definitely changed my life.”

Vera Hipkin