Nervous Patients

We appreciate that a visit to the dentist can be stressful for some people. Our relaxation programme is specially designed to make nervous people feel relaxed. We provide state of the art dentistry with minimally invasive techniques to make your visit as easy and comfortable as possible.

Pain-free dentistry

We use a computerised delivery system for injections called the WAND, which delivers comfortable local anaesthetic. We also use a new needle-free type of anaesthetic, which allows numbing of gum tissue for comfort during deep cleanings, without the need for the old-fashioned “stick” of the dental needle. Where this is not suitable for the treatment being carried out, we use a special medical grade anaesthetic paste. It allows for completely painless injections. Patients can’t believe that they just had an injection.

Sedation dentistry

If you have avoided the dentist for years due to bad experiences in the past, you can now comfortably relax through even the most complex dental care, thanks to sedation dentistry. At our Glasgow clinic, we have a high success rate in relieving the anxieties of our patients. Sedation puts patients into a relaxed and comfortable dream like state and we offer both inhalation and intravenous sedation.

Inhalation sedation

Inhalation sedation uses nitrous oxide (gas and air). The technique is non-invasive (no needles) for the administration of the sedation. The gas and air are simply breathed through a small nasal mask and take effect very quickly, with patients feeling relaxed, but not asleep. The effects also wear off quickly. After a short period of breathing oxygen at the end of treatment and a short recovery period, patients are able to continue their normal day.

Some analgesia (pain relief) is produced, although in most cases local anaesthetic is still needed.

This technique will remove a severe gag reflex, which for some patients has prevented dental treatment in the past.

Intravenous sedation

Intravenous (IV) sedation is where drugs are injected. This results in a “deeper” feeling of relaxation, although again the patient will not actually be asleep. One of the effects of IV sedation is that patients do not remember what has happened while they are sedated, so it is particularly useful for more invasive treatments.

Patients opting for IV sedation have to bring an escort to accompany them home and will have to take things easy for the rest of the day, as the effects of the sedation do take longer to wear off.

Sedation Dentistry FAQs

Q: How does sedation help?

A: Sedation will help you feel calm and comfortable during treatment. You will always be awake and able to tell us how you are feeling.

Q: What is inhalation sedation?

A: This is when you breathe in a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen (sometimes called gas and air). We use a small mask which fits over your nose.

You will feel relaxed very quickly, but won’t fall asleep. The gas does give some pain relief but in most procedures we will still use local anaesthetic. This kind of sedation is particularly helpful for patients who have difficulty having dental treatment because of a strong gag reflex.

Q: How will I feel after inhalation sedation?

A: Once the treatment is finished you will breathe pure oxygen for a short time. The effect of the sedation wears off almost straight away and most patients can go about their normal day after the appointment.

Q: What is intravenous sedation?

A: This is a deeper form of sedation, although you will still be awake. A very fine needle is used to inject a sedative, normally into the back of your hand. Most people who have IV sedation don’t remember their treatment, so it is particularly useful for surgical procedures like the placement of implants.

Q: How will I feel after intravenous sedation?

A: This does take longer to wear off than inhalation sedation. You won’t be able to drive for 24 hours and will have to have a friend or family member to take you home, but most people feel almost back to normal before they leave the practice.

Q: How do I know which type of sedation is right for me?

A: David Cashel has had years of sedation experience and he will guide you through the process. He will give advice based on your own specific needs.

Q: Will I need sedation every time?

A: Probably not. David Cashel has helped many people overcome their fear of the dentist. We find that patients tend to find they don’t need sedation after their first few visits because they feel calm enough without it. Some patients chose sedation just for treatments like implant surgery.

David Cashel has had years of sedation experience and he will guide you through the process. He will give advice based on your own specific needs.


I would like to thank you and your staff for all the painstaking work that you carried out on my behalf. I would not hesitate for a moment in recommending you to others as I believe that it would be difficult to find a dentist who pays as much attention to detail as yourself. I would also like to mention your staff who are a credit to your practice. Nothing seems to be any bother to them and their attitude is to be congratulated.
I feel really positive about having gas and air sedation. After I had it I felt normal after 20 minutes. I feel really confident about having dentistry. With sedation, time goes in more quickly and as far as relaxation is concerned it is a 100%, and I had no side effects. I would ask for sedation again if I was having any major work done. It’s the only dentist I know who provides this service. I would highly recommend Dr Cashel and sedation dentistry.

Stuart McGeogh

When I came to see Dr Cashel my mouth was unattractive, I didn’t like to smile and I couldn’t eat properly. This affected my confidence and doing my job. I worked with the public and had to smile a lot.
Since getting my dental treatment with Dr Cashel including dental implants my mouth feels cleaner and looks much better, and I am now happy to smile.
The surgery was much easier than I thought it would be. I would highly recommend Dr Cashel method implant dentistry. The dental implant teeth feel just like real teeth and are really good.

I am happy to smile and am no longer paranoid about covering my mouth. I am enjoying eating again, in fact a bit too much. It is night and day compared to eating with a denture. I now feel much more attractive and it is nice to get good positive comments about my smile.

Fear prevented me having treatment in the past but after treatment with Dr Cashel I am no longer frightened to come to the dentist in fact I look forward to coming to the dentist and the hygienist to get my teeth cleaned.

Anne Marie Campbell