“Implant Dentistry has changed my life”

Before my treatment, I had difficulty chewing and my gums hurt every time I chewed. My previous dentist didn’t really give a holistic view of what was going on in my mouth. Now I am completely happy with my mouth. It is very comfortable. I am not shy anymore. Before, I covered my mouth because when I laughed it showed the spaces in the back. Now I can also chew properly which is important. I am really glad that I had implants. Anyone else considering implants should come here. They will not only have implants but this practice also has a holistic view of how to care for the patient, not just what happens to a particular tooth. I would definitely recommend Dr Cashel. I ask my husband every time he comes here with me to stay longer and have treatment himself. Implant dentistry has changed my life. I’m comfortable and don’t have worries anymore so I can eat what I like. Before I avoided things that were chewy or hard.