If you need dental implants – do it!

That’s what Ian Orr told us after his successful implant surgery. It started with a visit to our website and Ian now has an implant retained bridge with his new smile finished off with cerec veneers and crowns. He had previously been a nervous patient but with sedation dentistru he sailed through the implant process.
His teeth don’t just look great – Ian is enjoying eating and smiling again.

“My teeth were an absolute mess before I came to Cashel Daisley. They affected my smile, eating – everything. I didn’t like smiling at all. Before Cashel Daisley my dental experiences were pretty bad, starting from when I was a wee kid.

The implant surgery itself was pleasant – I don’t remember much about it. It was well worth doing. I am 100% glad that I had the implants done. I would say to anyone considering dental implants that you should definitely go ahead. If you need it, do it.

My teeth look great now. I’m enjoying eating again. Implant dentistry has changed my life. I’ve had a 100% improvement. I’ve already recommended it to other people.”