Gum Re-shaping

Do you feel embarrassed to smile because you have a “gummy” smile? Low and uneven gums can be transformed with quick and painless gum reshaping.

"I was recommended to go to David Cashel by a work colleague. For a long time I had been unhappy with the crowns I had fitted by my NHS dentist. The fit and the appearance was poor and I was having problems with my gum health. It made me self conscious to smile or have my photographs taken I had extensive treatment from David over a period of 8 months — gum realignment, teeth whitening and several crowns and a bridge fitted. During this time David improved my gum health and stressed how important it was in the overall treatment plan. I am now a committed flosser and it has made such a difference to the end result.

David's team made sure that you are relaxed and comfortable during your time in the surgery and that you understand the treatment involved. I am delighted with what David has done. My smile is just what I wanted and what David set out to achieve for me. He is a perfectionist and that's what I have — the perfect smile!"

Cathy Waddell