Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are tooth-like shells that are bonded over carefully prepared existing teeth. This can be applied to either a set of teeth or one individual tooth.

They are fitted on the individual tooth, much like a thimble over a finger. Crowns act to restore or improve the natural teeth and are usually required when teeth have been extensively weakened or restored, or if a tooth is cracked or broken.

Crowns make a viable alternative to fillings on teeth where there is no longer sufficient tooth structure to support a filling.

Ceramic crowns

Crowns are conventionally made of porcelain fused to a metal substructure. However, the latest advances in cosmetic dental materials have upgraded these to the development of metal-free, ceramic crowns. This absence of metal allows for the construction of highly aesthetic, biocompatible crowns that imitate the characteristics of a natural tooth seamlessly. If well-constructed and accurately fitted, these crowns can last many years.

Fitting a crown

David Cashel’s meticulous approach to fitting crowns involves careful preparation and accurate tooth impressions. The crowns are then crafted on an extremely tough ceramic core to ensure high quality, resilience and microscopic accuracy for each individual tooth. With our state of the art technology, this can be done in one visit.

Once bonded, our ceramic crowns will blend naturally with your other teeth. With careful preparation, we can also eliminate dark lines around the gum margin of existing crowns and bridges.

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