Cosmetic Dentistry: A Case Study

Jillian had wanted to change her smile for a long time, but had worried it was going to be a long and difficult process. At her first consultation she was delighted to hear that Dr Cashel could transform her smile with only six porcelain teeth veneers and teeth whitening.
She was also thrilled by how quick and easy the process was:


Although Dr Cashel can give an outline of the options open to patients at the first consultation, he does need to gather information before finalising the treatment plan. This is done at the diagnosis appointment, which usually takes about half an hour and involves a more detailed examination, impressions and if necessary, X-rays. This allows Dr Cashel to prepare a detailed treatment plan and estimate. This is usually followed up by a report appointment when the treatment plan and payment options are discussed. In Jillian’s case, we were able to do this in one appointment and within just a few days Jillian had started her home whitening treatment.


While Jillian was getting on with whitening her teeth (which has to be done first so the veneers match the natural teeth) Dr Cashel worked on the fine details of the smile design. Using our smile simulation technology, Dr Cashel was able to show Jillian photographs of how her smile could look. He also created a 3D model of her new smile. This not only let Jillian see exactly what was planned, but also allowed Dr Cashel to make sure that the alignment of the teeth was correct.

Trial smile

Some patients want to go straight from the design stage to the final veneers in one visit, but Jillian decided to have temporary veneers fitted first to make sure she was happy with the design and colour of the veneers. Dr Cashel designs and creates the veneers using our CEREC in-house lab, then custom glazes them to give exactly the final effect he and the patient want to achieve. They are milled and fitted on the same day.

Your perfect smile

Jillian was so happy, she went on to have the final veneers fitted the next day. This is what she has to say about the result:

“I wasn’t confident about my smile or smiling. Changing my smile is something I always really wanted to do. I had six veneers. The treatment went really smoothly. I had a bit of a hiccup with my health during it so that affected it but it was quick and efficient. I was scared of the dentist before I came here and I felt at ease all the way through it.
I’m extremely happy with the results. I never thought I’d like them as much as I do. I would recommend anyone to come to David Cashel ... Even at work people have been coming in who have seen me before and I didn’t think people would notice but a lot of people have noticed. A lot of people have said “there is something different about you but I can’t pinpoint what it is” and I’ve recommended you to them.

My new smile has just made me feel so much more confident. When I smile I try to show my teeth where previously I was trying to hide them so it has boosted my confidence.
Everyone was really good and made me feel at ease and relaxed. You are very friendly and very nice so that makes it a lot easier. It is such a big thing to do. For years I thought I wanted it but thought it was so big to do and then coming in here even at the consultation after speaking to David I wanted to do it straight away.”