Here at David Cashel Dental, we’re delighted to have our own in-house CEREC system, which allows us to produce dental veneers, crowns, inlays and onlays – in fact almost any dental reconstruction – all in one appointment!

How does it work?

Basically, the CEREC equipment allows us to scan and produce 3D colour images of your teeth and jaw in the finest detail. From these images, using the CEREC software allows us to analyse, calculate and design the best restoration process for you. The process is quick and painless and allows us to get straight to producing the veneers or crowns without having to involve an external dental laboratory. The CEREC machinery utilizes a whole host of materials depending on what’s best for you and the machine can grind and mill dental fabrications to the tiniest of tolerances.

What benefits does CEREC offer?

The benefits of CEREC technology will mean fewer dental visits for you and less time out of you busy schedule. Regular treatment for restoration fittings, such as crowns, would typically involve two visits – with an initial appointment involving an anaesthesia injection, taking teeth impressions and fitting a temporary restoration. The second visit would then involve fitting the permanent restoration in place, along with further injections. CEREC eliminates the need for a second visit, with the entire process being completed in a single day.

Another benefit of CEREC technology is that it allows for the strongest ceramic materials to be used to create natural, tooth-coloured restorations, instead of gold and amalgam metals. Not only this, but CEREC also allows for single restorations to be made, as well as complete smile makeovers. Discoloured and chipped teeth can be repaired and restored using a single crown or veneer, which are designed and crafted on the very same day you visit the practice.

The same care and dedication that is put into completing smile makeovers at David Cashel Dental is present when using CEREC technology, but the results can now be achieved on the very same day.

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Our state of the art CAD/CAM CEREC machinery allows us to stay one step ahead of the crowd. If you’d like to find out more or book a consultation, get in touch today.